MEPCO CNIC Registration 2023: Your Complete Online Guide

In an age of technology and convenience, Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) has streamlined its services to provide users with an efficient online registration system. This move is not only for viewing and paying bills online through platforms like the Mepco Bill Online Check tool but also for essential processes such as CNIC registration. If you’re a MEPCO customer looking to link your National Identity Card (CNIC) with your account or make essential updates, here’s how you can do it from the comfort of your home.

The Push towards Digital Integration

The shift to digital platforms isn’t merely a fashionable trend for MEPCO. Instead, it’s an intrinsic strategy to provide consumers with multiple online services, from checking bills and viewing payment statuses to applying for a new connection. The crown jewel among these services, however, is the ease with which you can register your CNIC.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Online CNIC Registration with MEPCO

  1. Beginning Your Registration Process:
    Begin by navigating to the official MEPCO website.
  2. Accessing the Registration Portal:
    Once there, locate and click on the ‘CNIC registration’ tab. This will lead you to a form where you’ll be required to input details such as your consumer ID, 14-digit reference number, full name, CNIC number, and mobile phone number.
  3. Understanding Your Electricity Bill:
    Wondering where to find the consumer ID and bill reference number? Check the top left columns of your electricity bill. Here’s a quick tip: if, for instance, your reference number reads 05112345678900, ’05’ represents your batch, ‘11234’ stands for the sub-division, and ‘5678900‘ is your consumer number.
  4. Finalizing the Registration:
    After filling out all the details, simply click on ‘Submit’. Congratulations, you’ve now completed your MEPCO CNIC registration process!

Modifying Your MEPCO Record: A How-to Guide

It’s not uncommon for details like your name, CNIC, or mobile number to remain outdated on your electricity bill. Sometimes, they might even carry the previous owner’s information. To remedy this, the Power Information Technology Company (PITC) offers an online portal where users can amend or update their details.

  1. Navigating to the Update Portal:
    Start by visiting the official PITC website. Here, you’ll find a section dedicated to CNIC number registration for electricity consumers.
  2. Entering and Modifying Your Details:
    Insert your 14-digit electricity bill reference number and click ‘Go’. You’ll be presented with the current details. Below this, you’ll find a form where you can input the correct information.
  3. Verification Process:
    Upon submission, your details undergo a verification process. Once validated, your MEPCO record will automatically reflect these changes.

If you ever encounter challenges during this procedure, PITC offers customer support via their helpline, 118, or their email at


With these steps, MEPCO has simplified its CNIC registration process for all its consumers. The goal is to provide easy access to crucial updates and details related to your electricity consumption. And for a quick check on your bill status, don’t forget to utilize the Mepco Bill Online Check tool. Need more assistance or have other questions related to MEPCO services? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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